Екскурсії з Районга Тайланд

Tourism in Thailand

Excursions from Pattaya will help you to visit the historical, natural and modern attractions of Thailand.You will be able in a short time to get acquainted with the cultural values ​​not only in Pattaya, but also in other cities of Thailand such as Ayutthaya, Rayong, etc., Visited the islands of the Gulf of Thailand, visit the extraordinary beauty of the tropical garden Nong Nooch, a crocodile farm and park million-year stones.If you wish, you will be able to see a bright and extraordinary show for adults. Экскурсии из Паттайи Free sightseeing tour for tourists who bought a ticket to travel to Pattaya, gives you the opportunity to visit the most important and popular places in Pattaya.First you will visit the observation deck, which offers a spectacular view of the city.The excursion program also includes visits to several Buddhist temples and oceanarium, which is a 100-meter tunnel inside a large tank where you can see a rich underwater world of Thailand, an aquarium with lots of sharks and stingrays and area shipwrecks.


A selection of interesting excursions from Pattaya:


Экскурсия Excursion "Sriracha Tiger Zoo".You will visit one of the largest tiger farms in Southeast Asia.At the zoo live one hundred and Bengal tigers.During the tour you will get the pleasure of communicating with animals and from the contemplation of tropical nature.You will be able to bottle feed the little ones, such amusing cubs.Not to impress visitors and Shaw Scorpions, which "Scorpion Queen" - Thai girl fearlessly puts his body on dozens of black scorpion, the most dangerous of their kind.Tour price: 900 baht for adults, for children - 400 baht.

 éksursiâ around the island on the speedboat plavučij market Damnem Экскурсия в Канчанабури

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